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Debbie Sluys

Debbi Sluys is a coach, trainer, and speaker who specializes in helping people expand their brain’s potential to see what is possible for their future.


Jennifer Meyers

Founder and Chief Connectionist at Phoenix-based superfood confectionary, Earth Sugar – a magical place where she says she creates the purest form of joy.


Marcela Benson

Spiritual Nutrition Counselor, Essene Priestess, and author based in Miami Beach, Florida. She is a healer, passionate poet, avid student, and spiritual teacher.


Leilani Wells

Visibility expert and brand manager specializing in social media, video content creation, and getting you SEEN.


Sherry Stirling Fernandez

Life Mastery Coach/Author & Founder


Brent Michael Phillips

The Formula for Miracles: Where Science Reveals the Secrets of Spirit


Pamela Mulhearn

Pamela Mulhearn is the CEO & Founder of Her Podium®, LLC Public Speaking Programs for Women.


Dr. Pamela Gerali

A visionary, Intuitive Healer, dynamic Speaker and pioneer in spiritual growth and transformation,

Michelle Kuei

Elevate Life Coach, Author and Speaker


Leonard Perlmutter

Founder, American Meditation Institute, Author


Allyson Roberts

Transformation expert. Founder of Outrageous Freedom


Adam Hall

Speaker, Futurist, Social Architect - Founder of Genius Studios


Sabine Gedeon

Leadership Development Consultant


Tiffany Taylor

Mindset & Holistic Productivity Coach


Susan and Martin Fisher



Danielle Bertoli

Danielle Bertoli - "Struck Inside Out" Author, Coach, PodcasterE


Susan Posnick

Founder, Owner
Susan Posnick Cosmetics


Wendy Darling

Founder, Owner
Miraculous Living Institute.


Amanda Hainline

Speaker, Author:


Maryann Cruz

Business Strategist, Coach, Co-founder of C3 Collaborative


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Leilani Wells

It is written that “A great message is NOT when your ideal client understands you, it’s when your ideal client feels understood BY YOU.” Leilani Wells is a visibility expert and brand manager specializing in social media, video content creation, and getting you SEEN.

Known for her unique ability to recognize the “highest-level” Self in individuals, her passion is helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Using her social media, business, and intuitive skills, Leilani masterfully identifies an individual’s potential, and then guides them to fulfill it by showing them how to amplify and share their unique gifts within the world of social media and online marketing.

She says that being visible is not only a key aspect of succeeding but of thriving because teaching her clients how to feel confident, empowered, and excited about who they are and what they do galvanizes them to live a life of freedom, joy, and Self-fulfillment. A mom, author, business owner, coach, and philanthropist, Leilani values family, freedom, and being an inspiring presence to others who can then go forward and positively impact the lives of others.

Debbi Sluys

Oprah Winfrey said, “…The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” And today’s guest is all about showing you how.

Debbi Sluys is a coach, trainer, and speaker who specializes in helping people expand their brain’s potential to see what is possible for their future. Using Vision Boards in her Dare to Declare Academy, participants receive the tools to dream and create a Vision Board to support a life of intention, gratitude, and purpose.

A former Child Care Director, Debbi has studied personal development for over 30 years and has facilitated and witnessed science at work by guiding over a thousand clients to identify and declare their Vision both online and in-person with her Dare to Declare program and Light Up studio.

Featured on the High-Performing Coach podcast, interviewed by bestselling author, and speaker Jack Canfield for Success TV and sharing the stage with bestselling author, and spiritual leader, Gabbi Bernstein, Debbie is changing lives by making dreams come true.


Visit Jennifer Meyers:

WEBSITE: www.loveearthsugar.com

SOCIAL MEDIA: @loveearthsugar on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok 

Jennifer Meyers

Henry David Thoreau wrote: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

Such is the true-life story of our guest today, Jennifer Meyers, Founder and Chief Connectionist at Phoenix-based superfood confectionary, Earth Sugar – a magical place where she says she creates the purest form of joy.  

Growing up in Harrington Park, NJ, Jennifer was surrounded by food delights from her grandparents’ local butcher shop. Packed with homegrown produce, deli delights and imported candy, her grandparents created an experience that not only made them small town celebrities but linked Jennifer’s passion forever to the goodness of fresh and delicious food.        

It was at the age of 12 that Jennifer suddenly developed a stomach disorder that became a nightmare of hospital trips, illnesses, and severe food phobias. After years of pain and suffering, Jennifer took matters into her own hands learning absolutely everything she could about health foods and nutrition. Educating herself about how food was grown, she became a virtual Encyclopedia of fruits, herbs, nuts, seeds, flours, fats, and everything in between, making holistic eating and healing her life’s mission. 

Fast forward to Jennifer’s dream of creating a first-of-its-kind Superfood Confectionary that specializes in raw organic desserts, energetic snacks, clean label confections, and adaptogenic pantry items. The company name, Earth Sugar, is fun, enchanting and significant, just like the woman who is filling our hearts and souls with delicious goodness and joy from a magical place where happy meets healthy.

Marcela Benson

Malcom Forbes said food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul.

Our guest today is Marcela Benson, M.A. a Spiritual Nutrition Counselor, Essene Priestess, and author based in Miami Beach, Florida. She is a healer, passionate poet, avid student, and spiritual teacher.

Trained by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD., at his School of Holistic Wellness in Arizona, she graduated with a Mastery in Vegan Live Food Nutrition, specializing in spiritual fasting and recovering from diabetes naturally.

Marcela has studied superfood nutrition, Ayurvedic science, Chinese tonic herbalism, Amazonian herbalism, and many other healing modalities at some of the top institutes in the world.

Her mission: to help the world evolve into a new way of living & eating.
Her Extraordinary, Magnus opus coffee table book, Love, Peace & Vegetables is a Luscious, Delicious & Spiritual Guide to Live Food Cuisine.

Love, Peace & Vegetables: Recipes for Conscious Living was created as an inspirational guide to bring health, spirituality, positivity, and compassion to your home. This Magnus opus holds more than 18 years of research in the field of body, mind, spirit, and vegan nutrition.

Marcela brings this knowledge together as an exquisitely designed book that includes lifestyle advice, inspiration, affirmations, tips, menus, over 150 Live-Food, Vegan recipes, original art, and color pictures.

Marcela is here today to offer some delicious information from Love, Peace & Vegetables.

Susan Posnick

It is written that sometimes the things we can’t change, end up changing us. Such is the story of our female entrepreneur and trailblazer Susan Posnick, a renowned makeup artist turned cosmetic entrepreneur.

After 25 years working as a celebrity makeup artist, painting the faces of Cindy Crawford, Tom Cruise and more, Susan is now the owner of her namesake cosmetic company, Susan Posnick Cosmetics, a line that offers CLEAN, premium, multi-purpose cosmetics for the modern woman.

After being diagnosed with skin cancer in the 1990s Susan’s career path took a sudden turn. In search of a clean makeup line with sun protection, and coming up empty handed, Susan made it her mission to develop an all-natural mineral makeup line that included vital sun protection. Little did she know she was blazing a trail for a whole new wave of clean cosmetics.

Leveraging her unique perspective as a cancer survivor and makeup artist, Susan’s vision then and now is to make beauty simple for the modern women with lifestyle essentials that promise her customers minimal effort with maximum value and sun protection.

Her motto: Susan Posnick Cosmetics will simplify your routine with environmentally conscious, multi-purpose products, compact for travel around the corner or around the world.

With her passion to make a difference, Susan hopes her work as a beauty changemaker will leave a positive influence by setting a lasting foundation of value in the form of premium, CLEAN, multi-purpose products created to enhance the lives of today’s conscious consumer.

Wendy L. Darling

A former host of her own radio, Wendy is the Founder of the Miraculous Living Institute. Her expertise as a life and business transformational coach, a speaker, master healer, and more, spans more than 40 years.

Coaching in diverse segments, Wendy’s innovative system, the Miraculous Living Method, helps individuals identify priorities, core values, build healthy relationships and stronger teams with ease and speed.

Featured in Forbes, Wendy is the #1 best-selling author of Create Your Miraculous Life – It’s Never Too Late as well as The Miracle that is Your Life.

•Create Your Miraculous Life: It’s Never Too Late
•Available on Amazon.com for $9.95 and on Kindle at $2.99

• Create Your Miraculous Life – Based on Wendy’s book by the same name, this group program supports turning dreams into reality
• Create Your Miraculous Life: Attract Love Now (for singles) – Utilizing the Miraculous Living Method, this group program assists singles to finally attract the love of their life
• Create Your Miraculous Life: More Money Now – Using the Miraculous Living Method, participants
learn, in part, how to generate more money by raising your financial set point, dial up your Magnetizer and your Attraction Factor
• Live Love Lead: The NEW Formula for Ultimate Success – This program supports participants to create a solid foundation and execute needed steps to experience their desired results

Certification Programs
• Miraculous Living Method Certification Program – Coaches and practitioners are trained in the Miraculous Living Method so that they and their clients achieve easier and faster results.

• MIRACULOUS JOURNEY JUMPSTART OFFER – (from the book Create Your Miraculous Life) – a special offer for those who purchase the book – a 90 minute session offering tools and techniques to propel individuals forward for their desired outcomes
• VIP MENTORING/COACHING – Individuals are able to work with Wendy 1:1 for intensive transformational experiences and results

Amanda Hainline

From Hot Mess Mom to Emotional Freedom, Amanda Hainline’s journey will amaze and inspire you.

Get the roadmap for releasing emotional pain and trauma, self judgement, physical ailments and dissatisfaction so you can live a life of Epic Freedom.

Her passion is bringing energy healing to others through teaching, hands-on healing, and distance work. A former business manager and consultant,

Amanda did not intentionally pursue a spiritual life. It was in her 30s, suffering from depression and struggling to carry the load of motherhood, she sought the aid of an energy healer. Her initial session reduced her anxiety, but it was the second session that changed her life. She went from suburban mom to a full-blown psychic in 30 seconds!

Today, Amanda is an emotional freedom mentor, intuitive healer, and author of the book Feel Better in Five Minutes – An Empowering Guide to Gain Control Over Your Emotions. In Feel Better in Five Minutes she shares 79 emotional freedom methods to help others gain freedom from the anxiety, depression, and stress that are rampant today, to help themselves and others.

Feel Better in Five Minutes – An Empowering Guide to Gain Control Over Your Emotions by Amanda Hainline
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Free Gifts
Energy 101 Series: https://amandab89df9.clickfunnels.com/mediation-optin1622912118561
Mediation Training Series: https://amandab89df9.clickfunnels.com/mediation48964713
Empath Guide: https://www.amandahainline.com/are-you-an-empath/

Maryann Cruz

Maryann assists creatives and passionate entrepreneurs gain clarity, confidence, and momentum in business through the development of strategies, accountability, and community. Maryann is an entrepreneur’s co-pilot to success.

Maryann Cruz will take you on a deep dive to spark your imagination, gain clarity, build confidence, and ignite momentum in your business.

Co-founder of C3 Collaborative, Maryann calls herself an entrepreneur’s greatest co-pilot to success.

A business strategist and coach, Maryann spent 25 years in all facets of business operations and knows what it takes to succeed in business beyond entrepreneurial passion. Recognizing the importance of building a solid business foundation to achieve one’s vision and guiding creatives through this essential process is where she thrives.

Using signature strategies, expert tools, action plans and community, Maryann shows passionate entrepreneurs how to scale their business in a creative and collaborative environment using live and online workshops.

She believes, as Albert Einstein so brilliantly put it, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Sabine Gedeon

Maya Angelou wrote “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Today’s Epic female Entrepreneur is Sabine Gedeon, Founder & CEO of Gedeon Enterprises, a coaching & consulting company dedicated to elevating, enriching, empowering, and transforming emerging leaders into high performers and effective changemakers.

Sabine is also a speaker, podcaster and the best-selling Author of Transformed. Her “Superpower” is teaching ambitious individuals and emerging leaders how to take center stage in their stories and unleash the leader that lives within them.

From climbing the corp. ladder for 15 years to becoming a corporate dropout to start her own business, Sabine knows about taking big leaps, navigating major life changes, and looking within to find strength, wisdom, and the courage to persevere in unchartered territory. Her journey has led her to become the leader she is today.

Harnessing her passion to empower others, and using her experience as a benchmark, Sabine hopes to help lead millions of others through their unique paths of purpose, impact, prosperity, and legacy.

Tiffany Taylor

Coach Tiffany Taylor is a Mindset & Holistic Productivity Coach who works with high achievers to build an intuitive time & task structure system that both supports their goals and their health. Knowing that scheduling inevitably leads to challenges in finding clarity in goals, challenging fears, anxiety, communication challenges & mindset breakthroughs – Tiffany is able to support her clients through these challenges with multiple modalities such as NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, Life Coaching & Success Coaching.

Tiffany found her calling to help others challenge their way of thinking, let go of stress, and break into higher levels of fulfillment through a series of childhood hardships & challenges.

Having been diagnosed with ADHD and a multitude of mental health disorders as a child, Tiffany began her journey of self-growth at a young age. She was always a hard worker, skipping grades at school, and running a restaurant at director level by the time she was 17.

Tiffany went on to travel to 20 countries before turning 20 and enter the corporate world in management only to realize that she was living a life of ‘one day.’ She decided to leave her 9-5 lifestyle at age 22, pursuing a life of ‘the now’ instead. Fast forward, and Tiffany is one of the best life coaches for those looking to escape the high-stress lifestyle, while still being successful in business and present in relationships.

As a coach, Tiffany draws on her formal education, corporate management experience, lofty coaching certification programs and most importantly – her gift of intuition.

If you’re craving structural changes, physical health improvements and a higher vibration life, set up a call with her below. She offers free discovery calls for those looking to be the most productive version of themselves & genuinely enjoys meeting new people.

Susan and Martin Fisher

Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote, “The human body is the best picture of the human soul.”
If you’ve ever asked yourself…. How can I tap into the wisdom of my body, and its’ innate power source to better understand myself, others, and the world around me, then you’ll want to know today’s our guests, Susan & Martin Fisher?

Co-Founders and teachers of Body of 9, Susan and Martin are pioneers in the study and research of an innovative, body-based personality assessment system that works through exploring your posture, body type, and how you physically express yourself. According to Susan and Martin each of us has a natural number between 1 and 9 and knowing your number takes understanding who you are to a whole new level.

Each number gives us the key to how we think, react, act, and interact. It helps us discover more awareness of ourselves, relationships, and life.
Their Body of 9 book series includes their new release, Body of 9, Practices of Presence, Body-based Wisdom for Living a Life of Purpose and The Body of 9, Decode Your Physiology and Discover Your True Self.

Since 2012, Susan and Martin have been working to identify over 7,500 people from around the world and share the understanding of how the body of 9 shows up in several aspects of our human experience.

Danielle Bertoli

William H. Gass wrote: “The true alchemists do not change lead into gold, they change the world into words.”

Our epic female entrepreneur today is Danielle Bertoli, a published writer, blogger, a podcaster of Struck Inside Out, and the director of an alternative high school that serves at-risk and disadvantaged youths.

Danielle believes we all have the power to consciously choose our thoughts, and when we do, we happily create our life because, what we you choose to think and feel daily reflects who you are.

As the founder of Struck Inside Out, Danielle blogs and coaches, clients on how to elevate their existence by tapping into their greatest potential, while encouraging them to enjoy the middle and in-between stages of life, not just the desired outcomes.

Integrating her writing, meditation and wellness skills, Danielle’s goal is to bridge the gap between our individual inner human thoughts and ideas with and those of the collective. By doing so we can learn and grow from the experiences, knowledge, and stories of others and recognized that we are not alone.

Danielle’s passion is teaching her students and clients how to live authentic, integrated, and powerful lives with more happiness, intention, and purpose.

Michelle Kuei

As a professional speaker, coach and critically acclaimed author, Michelle Kuei is known for carrying the power to change people’s attitudes, guide their behavior and inspire them to
achieve greatness.

She is the author of “Perfectly Normal: An Immigrant’s Story of Making It in America”, a powerful memoir that describes her life journey, including a childhood tragedy that shifted her trajectory, and her perspective on life.

It is through Michelle’s wisdom, smile and warmth that she can bring audiences together and support them in their quest to live more fearlessly. Her goal is to provide her audiences with a deeply rooted foundation for powerful life transformation and growth.

Michelle is the Former Secretary of the United Nations Association of the USA at the Pasadena Chapter, Clinical Pharmacist at USC’s Keck Medical Center, and Former Associate at the Associated Patient Advocates.

She is also a member at the National Speakers Association, Circle Leader from WomanSpeak, the immediate past area director at Toastmasters International at District 100 and The Elected Division A Director at Toastmasters International at District 100 in 2021.

Michelle’s Educational Achievements includes ICF Accredited Associate Certified Coach, Doctor of Pharmacy, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching Certified Professional Coach, Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Certified CORE Dynamic Transition Coach. She is also an International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance certified mindfulness and meditation teacher.

As the founder of Elevate LifeCoaching, a seminar and coaching company, Michelle is the host of her podcast “The Michelle Kuei Podcast” where she shares inspire stories on business & mindset with her audience.

In her leisure time, she is an avid hiker, street photographer, and painter whose mandala drawings were exhibited in California galleries. Michelle was born in Taiwan and grew up in New York, but today she lives in Los Angeles with her short-hair orange tabby cat named ‘Toby’.

Leonard Perlmutter

Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev) is the founder and director of The American Meditation Institute in Averill Park, New York, and the originator of National Conscience Month. Leonard is the author and editor of Transformation—The Journal of Yoga Science as Holistic Mind/Body Medicine, and over the past decades has served on the faculties of the New England Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine and the International Himalayan Yoga Teachers Association. Leonard has studied in Rishikesh, India and is a direct disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas—the man who, in laboratory conditions at the Menninger Institute, demonstrated that blood pressure, heart rate and the autonomic nervous system can be voluntarily controlled. These research demonstrations have been one of the major cornerstones of the modern mind/body movement.

Mr. Perlmutter has presented informative Yoga Science and meditation workshops at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Kaiser Permanente, The New York Times Forum on Yoga, the Commonwealth Club of California, the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, the Washington University Medical School, the University of Colorado Medical School, the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point Association of Graduates, the Albany Medical College, and Berkshire Medical Center. Since 2009, Leonard’s Heart and Science of Yoga® course curriculum has been certified by the Albany Medical College, the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association for continuing medical education credit.

Allyson Roberts

Allyson Roberts is a transformation expert. Founder of Outrageous Freedom, she is also the creator of best-selling programs such as Stop Shilting on Yourself, Painless Pivots to Power and Unapologetic Power. She has been recognized by Feedspot, a Forbes affiliate, in their designation of Top 100 Coaches in the World. Her book, The Magic in You, is available in on her website.

A cognitive behavioral expert, Allyson combines science with spirituality in her signature system called Personalized Science. Her work empowers people with tools that tame the bad habits that sabotage success. Allyson’s passion to guide clients to find their internal power is both personal and purposeful, making her a highly sought-after coach, speaker, and business collaborator around the globe.


Visit Adam Hall:

Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve Is available on Amazon.com for $16.95 for softcover or on Kindle for $9.95

Additional Book:
The EarthKeeper, Undeveloping the Future. The first edition of Adam’s trilogy. It chronicles his journey
from Earth Conqueror to EarthKeeper.

Blog: https://www.adamhall.solutions/blog

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The Little Book of Genius-Wisdom to Create Abundance-EBook with insights, inspirational quotes and affirmations to create abundance. https://www.adamhall.solutions/ebook

Life Assessment Test. Take a short test to understand more about your strengths and weaknesses. Find out what might be blocking your Genius https://www.adamhall.solutions/life-assessment

Adam Hall

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “The awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind.”

If you are seeking to upgrade your human operating system, as our guest puts it, and develop a better way of life in the chaos of our modern world, then you want to know today’s guest, Adam C. Hall. Adam will show you where the next frontier in Science, Medicine and Spirituality meets your optimal state of health and wellness so you can unlearn the beliefs, behaviors, and habits that shield you from discovering your Divine Genius.

In his new book Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve, Adam shares the 13 Universal Wisdom Teachings and the Genius Process that led to his transformation, a quest that began at shores of Santa Barbara, CA and took him to the jungles of Brazil and Peru.

Author, speaker, futurist, social architect, impact investor, and more, Adam began his professional career as a self-described EarthKeeper. He was founder of three successful real estate development companies, before personal and professional devastation forced him to reevaluate his life.

His transformation led him to a deeply spiritual approach to life, beyond the success, money, and prestige that his ego craved. He became a trained shaman, teacher of The Course of Miracles, and the CEO of Renaissance Capital, raising over $1.5 billion to rescue and conserve premiere natural landscapes. He spent two decades as an impact investor dedicated to the quadruple bottom line: People, Planet, Profits with Purpose — and founded of the EarthKeeper Alliance.

Over the past 2 decades, Adam has dedicated himself to fostering Conscious Evolution, Business and Culture. Through his books — Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve and the first book in his autobiographical trilogy The EarthKeeper, Undeveloping the Future—plus numerous keynotes and radio and television interviews, Adam continues to seek ways to elevate consciousness.
Today he is the founder/CEO of the Genius Studio, creator of the Genius Process.


Visit Sherry Stirling Fernandez:

Book:  Life Mastery: Personal Progression Toward an Infinite PotentialAvailable on Amazon.com for $23.49 in hardcover, $16.95 on softcover, and $4.99 on Kindle.

Website:  www.LifeMasteryInfo.com

Free Resources:
Free Tracking Sheets: https://lifemasteryinfo.com/tracking-sheets/

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Sherry Stirling Fernandez

For nearly 3 decades our guest today, Sherry Stirling Fernandez has been a speaker, a teacher, a mentor, and now the author of the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Life Mastery: Personal Progression Toward an Infinite Potential.

Sherry, and her husband Ken, are a rags-to-riches story. Against all odds they found success, not just in a single area, but in each of the eight areas of Life Mastery – physical, spiritual, relationships, education, motivation, money, lifestyle and character.

The Life Mastery program is a result of their in-depth study of the principles of success and a lifetime of practicing those principles. What makes Sherry unique in her ability to teach personal development is the years of training and practice she invested to master the principles she now teaches.

In 2009, in the midst of the recession, Sherry opened a fitness boutique named, FitMania, plus a personal development business called FitLife. It was from here that emerged Sherry’s Life Mastery Training, The Life Mastery Mentoring Program and Sherry’s powerful new bestseller, Life Mastery:Personal Progression Toward an Infinite Potential.

The focus of Sherry’s work is helping others achieve full Life Mastery in the key eight areas of their existence. Her motivation was observing people in personal transformation programs leave excited, only to slip back into old habits without a practical accountable way to implement that change.

A solution to that is what Life Mastery brings to the table. Sherry maintains that the formula for Life Mastery is Contentment + Progress = Happiness — striving continually toward your infinite potential. And she has the method to keep you in that sustained process of achieving, becoming and celebrating!


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NBC: https://youtu.be/ceKHbmbmmHc
FOX: https://youtu.be/Ev9hOhxZsrU
Studio D (National Cable): https://youtu.be/EfhzvVF0WgI

Coast to Coast AM:

KPFK: Brent has been one of the most popular guests on Lisa Garr’s The Aware Show on KPFK since 2005; you can see a listing of many of these shows at



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Listeners can take a free online quiz to help identify their hidden spiritual power…and yes, everyone has one!

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Or email sessions@awakeningdynamics.com

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• FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/brent.michael.phillips.master.healer
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Brent Michael Phillips

A former world class software engineer from MIT, Brent went from helping to create the modern Internet during his time in graduate school and part of an MIT technology start-up to becoming a revolutionary Healer.

After a staggering physical challenge, years of chronic pain that lead to permanent disability and an experimental surgery that paralyzed his right arm, Brent went to a healer and experienced his first miracle when his arm instantly and permanently healed.

After studying with world class master healers, gurus, and spiritual teachers Brent reverse-engineer the scientific laws and principles underlying miraculous instant healing, and more, to create his groundbreaking Awakening Dynamics® system that uses advanced consciousness technologies for subconscious clearing, instant healing, manifestation, and the ascension of consciousness from Awakening to Enlightenment.

An award-winning author, an Amazon #1 best-selling co-author,
and the inventor of the patent-pending Formula for Miracles® technology, Brent’s greatest passions are teaching healing and helping others to experience their own genuine spiritual Awakening.


Visit Pamela Mulhearn:

Website: https://www.herpodium.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/herpodium
Instagram: @her.podium
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pamela-mulhearn-cpc/

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Pamela Mulhearn

Anne Sweeney, one of America’s most influential businesswomen said, “Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” Such is the example of our guest today.

Pamela Mulhearn is the CEO & Founder of Her Podium®, LLC Public Speaking Programs for Women. A serial entrepreneur for over 25 years, and a Certified Professional Coach, Pamela has pivoted from boss lady to product developer, marketer, wholesaler, and retailer; an entrepreneurial journey that has gifted her with the experience, expertise and drive to successfully mentor and coach women to entrepreneurial greatness.

What led Pamela to the work she does today was her haunting fear of public speaking. From budget updates to news interviews, speaking engagements and more, Pamela’s public speaking fear was so real that just the thought of it made her shake in her stilettos- as she puts it.
But knowing the power behind voicing your message, she challenged herself and boldly enrolled in a public speaking program.

It was then that the inspiration came to create a public speaking program exclusively for women. A place of no judgement, and support. Her Podium® was born. Today Pamela collaborates with women to empower their voices. From entrepreneurs, to emerging speakers and corporate women’s groups, she believes every woman has value to contribute to the world. Her motto says it all: “Empower a Woman’s Voice, and She Can Change the World.”


Visit Dr. Pamela Gerali:



Dr. Pamela Gerali

Giveaways: Free e-book (Blueprint for Conscious Compassionate Living)

Are you ready to awaken a more powerful connection to your Divine Diva Essence? Our guest today will reveal how.

A visionary, Intuitive Healer, dynamic Speaker and pioneer in spiritual growth and transformation, Dr. Pamela Gerali is an architect for the human spirit. She captivates readers and audiences with wisdom and practical guidance from the Blueprint for the Human Spirit®, her holistic model for conscious, compassionate living.

In Dr. Gerali’s new book, The Dance of Ego and Essence-Confessions of a Divine Diva you will learn how to make enlightened decisions and awaken your spirituality for all areas of your life. Dr. Gerali believes most women want a powerful, spiritual connection but lack the path through their pain to discover their joy.

In her new book, she shares her blueprint to spiritual transformation that includes: •How to live fearlessly from new perspectives •How to reconnect to your true spirit •How to finally build a positive relationship with your self •How to use the Blueprint for the Human Spirit.

A Registered Nurse with a master’s degree in Public Health and a Doctorate in Holistic Health Sciences, Pamela uses her creativity and amazing gifts to encourage others to live authentically and purposefully in alignment with their inner truth. Her transforming experiences and training background in nursing allow her to speak from the heart with knowledge and authority.

Eliana Gilad

Shiri Appleby wrote: Once you start to listen to your voice, you start to feel the power in it (that.)

Eliana Gilad is a two-time TEDx presenter, motivational speaker, healing voice mentor, therapeutic singing trainer, composer/performer, and founder of Voices of Eden Ancient Wisdom and Healing Music Institute.

Born in the United States, Eliana left for France in 1991 and then moved to Israel where she held herself at peace despite bombings during three Middle East Wars, using healing empowering techniques she now teaches.

Eliana’s work revives the conscious use of voice and rhythm as natural healing instruments, just as in the ancient matriarchal times. Today her wordless sound modality helps people find their authentic voices and connect to their inner calm during change.

Through her Institute, Eliana researches and teaches the principles of thriving through uncertainty via online trainings and live retreats. She certifies healing professionals in the therapeutic singing model that is clinically proven to reduce anxiety and foster creativity as fuel.

Her new international bestseller, Emerge Triumphant: Thrive through Uncertainty helps readers understand that when they give their inner voice the ability and power to shine, limiting barriers can be broken and people can become their own leaders, opening themselves up to a world of new possibilities.


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Kristi Sullivan

Socrates wrote: Let him who would move the world, first move himself.

Kristi H. Sullivan is a Human Design and Self-Care expert, author, and speaker on a mission to help busy women Stop Overworking and Start Overflowing by learning how to master their own energy system and self-care practices.

Kristi hosts a virtual community for female personal development junkies (like herself) to create better wellness, improve relationships, shift mindsets, and manifest more success, wealth, and freedom – to live their best life “by design.”

She is lead author of the best-selling Amazon book called Stop Overworking & Start Overflowing: 25 Ways to Transform Your Life Using Human Design, published October 2021 with 25 other Human Design practitioners.

Kristi teaches workshops internationally and is co-author of three collaborative books that she produced during the 2020 pandemic (The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Vol. 2; The Great Pause: Blessings & Wisdom from COVID-19; and Transformation 2020). This year, Kristi is an author in The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business, and is working on her sixth anthology.


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Shayna Melissa Stockman

Shayna Melissa Stockman, aka the World Wellness Expert, went from heart failure and failing English to helping heal herself without meds, and becoming a #1 International Best-Selling Author of Overcoming Life Obstacles.

As a Holistic Healer known as the BioHackNP, a Nationally Board-Cert. NURSE Practitioner, and more, Shayna is a multi-talented individual with a mission to show millions how to take charge of their lives.

As a diversified health expert Shayna’s mission is to empower her patients. Instead of feeling hopeless and helpless and over-using prescription drugs she shows them a healthier way to heal, often without any meds. at all

Known as the Holistic Healer, Shayna fuses her knowledge in the Naturopathic, Alternative, Holistic, BioHacking, and Integrative fields to create synergistic results, re-verse dis-order, rid symptoms, reduce or eliminate meds and create happier clients.

As a bestselling author Shayna brings audiences the stories of individuals who have overcome life difficulties. In her international bestseller titled Overcoming Life Obstacles-Real People, Real Stories, inspirational contributing authors share their secrets to success.

Her Motto: Turn obstacles into steppingstones to elevate yourself and uplift others.